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Welcome to the world of BEEZWAX. Life as seen through a family of bees. 

   The main characters of the strip are BEEZWAX,  his wife HONEYBEE and their son STINGER. Beezwax and Stinger work at "The Hive" a honey production facility managed  by MR. FUZZBOTTOM and ultimately run by THE QUEEN.

   BUZZY and his wife PENELOBEE  along with their son ZAP are their friends.

   A crazy array of characters make up the rest of the characters including classmates

 of Stinger and Zap: BEEANA, JOHNNY BEE (the musician), RALPH (from Canada) THUGLY (the class bully), THE PREACHER and MRS. LUMPBUTT (the teacher).

   BEEZWAX  appears online 3 times a week and 1 color Sunday a month. It also has been self-syndicated in numerous newspapers across the country.